Smoke Detectors and Modules


Addressable Smoke Detectors, Modules, and Pull Stations. New and available for immediate delivery. No charge for programming detectors and modules and Stations.

1251B Ion Smoke Detector, 2251B Photo Smoke Detector, 2251TB Photo/Heat Detector, 5251 Heat Detector
M501M, M500M, M500R, M500S Modules

8710 Photo Detector, 8712 Heat Detector, 8713 Photo/Heat Detector
8701, 8702, 8703, 8704, 8705, 8706 Modules

8810 Photo detector, 8811 Photo/Heat Detector, 8812 Heat Detector
8801, 8802, 8803, 8804, 8805, 8806 Modules

Additional devices available. See list.

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Order No. Cat No. Spec. Sht. Description
Faraday Versions of System Sensor Analog/Addressable Devices
A/A Photoelectric Smoke Detectors (Faraday version System Sensor)
8406 FAI92 (2251T) Sensor, w/heat, less base
9152 . FAI49 (2551HR) Sensor, Less Base
9152 . FAI49 (2551HR) Sensor, Less Base (Duct use only)
9187 FAI70 (2251) Sensor, Low Profile, Less Base
9187B FAI70 (2251B) Sensor, Low Profile, Less Base
A/A Ionization Smoke Detectors (Faraday version System Sensor)
9188 FAI70 (1251) Sensor, Low Profile, Less Base
9188B FAI70 (1251B) Sensor, Low Profile, Less Base
9163 (1551B) Sensor, Less Base
A/A Duct Smoke Detectors Housings (Faraday version System Sensor)
8441 FAI109 (DH200P) Photo complete
8442 FAI109 (DH200RP) Photo complete w/relay
8446 FAI109 (A5053) Replacement photo sensor board
8447 FAI109 (A5060) Replacement power bd. w/relay
8448 FAI109 (A5067) Replacement power bd. w/o relay
9161 FAI-53 DH500AC/DC Duct Housing w/Relay (order 1551 or 2551HR separately)
9179 FAI-64 DH500 Duct Housing (order 1551 or 2551HR separately)
A/A Heat Detectors (Faraday version System Sensor)
8407 FAI92 (5251 P) 135°F Fixed Sensor, Less Base
8408 FAI92 (5251 RP) 135°F Fixed with Rate of Rise, Less Base
8408B FAI92 (5251 RP) 135°F Fixed with Rate of Rise, Less Base
9154 FAI-52 (5551B) 135°F Fixed Sensor, Less Base
9182 FAI-50 (5551R) 135°F Fixed with Rate of Rise, Less Base
A/A Monitor Modules (Faraday version System Sensor)
9157 FAI94 (M500MB) Device Monitor Module with LED
9158 FAI94 (M501M) Device Monitor Module, Class B/Style B
9191 FAI94 (M502M) Conventional Detector Monitor Module
A/A Control Modules(Faraday version System Sensor)
8409 FAI108 (M500R) Relay Module
8410 FAI108 (M500S) Supervised Control Module
9159 FAI108 (M500CH) Supervised Control/Relay Module
A/A Isolator Modules (Faraday version System Sensor)
9160 FAI94 (M500X) Isolator Module
A/A Bases and Accessories (Faraday version System Sensor)
9155 FAI92 (B501B) Base
9189 FAI92 (B210LP) Low Profile Base
8445 FAI92 (B210LP) Low Profile Base (10 pack)
9296 FAI90 (B224RB) Low Profile Relay Base
9297 (B524RB) Relay Base
9298 FAI90 (B224BI) Low Profile Isolator Base
9299 (B524BI) Isolator Base
9156 FAS24 (B501BH) 4-Wire A/A Base w/Horn
8439 FAS24 (B501BHT) 4-Wire Base, w/Temporal Horn
8440 (BCK-200) Low Profile Detector Cover, Black
9181 (B501) 2-Wire 4" A/A Base (for use with 9384)
9384 (RMK400) Recess Mounting Kit for 9181
9190 (F110) Conversion Flange for Old Det Base to LP
9180 (RA400Z) Remote Alarm LED (only remote for 9179)
9166 (APA451) Remote Alarm/Pilot LEDs and Horn
9167 (RTS451) Remote Alarm LED w/Test/Reset
8414 (RTS451 KEY) Remote Alarm LED w/Key Test/Reset
9168 (PA400) Remote Alarm 90dBA Pulsed Sounder
PM6849 FAI69 (A77-716B) E.O.L. Relay
PM5748 (ST-1.5) Sampling Tube, 18" Metal for 1-2' ducts
PM5749 (ST-3) Sampling Tube, 36" Metal for 2-4' ducts
PM5750 (ST-5) Sampling Tube, 60" Metal for 4-8' ducts
PM5751 (ST-10) Sampling Tube, (2) 60" Metal for 8-12' ducts
PM5652 (P48-21-00) End Cap, Metal
Faraday MPC Analog/Addressable Initiating Devices
Analog/Addressable Manual Pull Stations - Hex Key Reset (Reqires 8820 Programmer)
8800 FAI97 Analog/Addressable Manual Pull Station
1745033300 F4 FAI97 Surface Back Box for 8800
1732000100 F001 FAI97 Weatherproof Enclosure for 8800
1734097100 F340971 FAI97 10 Spare Glass Rods for 8800
1734097200 F340972 FAI97 10 Spare Hex Keys for 8800
1745117300 F451173 FAI97 Double Action Adapter for 8800
10545 FAI5 ADA Extender Adapter for Pull Stations
10513 Adapter Plate for 8800- New York Stripe
8820 FAl104 Programmer/Tester
8986 FAl104 Carrying Case for 8820
Analog/Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detectors (Reqires 8820 Programmer)
8810 FAI99 Addressable Photo Detector
8811 FAI99 Analog/Addressable Photo/Thermal Detector
8853 FAI81 Addressable Base
8815 FAI105 Analog/Addressable Audible Base
8816 FAI107 Addressable Relay Base
Analog/Addressable Thermal Smoke Detector (Requires 8820 Programmer)
8812 FAI102 Addressable Thermal Detector
Air Duct Housings for 8810
8840 FAI96 Duct Housing
8817 FAI96 Duct Housing w/Remote Relay
8932 FA196 Sampling Tube, 1'-3" Duct
8933 FAI96 Sampling Tube, 1'-3" to 3'-3" Duct
8934 FAI96 Sampling Tube, 3'-3" to 6'-3" Duct
8935 FAI96 Sampling Tube, 6'-3" to 9'-9" Duct
8922B FAI106 Remote LED Alarm Indicator, Rnd. Ceiling Mnt.
8923B FAI106 Remote LED Alarm Indicator, 1 Gang Mnt.
Analog/Addressable Line Isolator Module
8809 FAI95 Line Isolator Module
Analog/Addressable Mini-Module (Reqires 8820 Programmer)
8801 FAI98 Addressable Mini-Module for Contact Devices
Analog/Addressable Modules for Contact Devices
8802 FAI103 Single Input
8803 FAI103 Dual Input
8804 FAI103 Single Input w/Relay
Analog/Addressable Remote Conventional Zone Module
8805 FAI100 Addressable Module for Conv. Detectors
Analog/Addressable Control Point (Reqires 8820 Programmer)
8806 FAI101 Addressable Control Point
8820 FAI104 Programmer/Tester
8986 FAI104 Carrying Case for 8820